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Kategorie: Strategy

A platformer which is massive and takes a long time to complete even though there is only one level.Use the arrow keys to move.Avoid the teleporting bees and the monsters and snail [...]
jump and avoid enemies in this hard and raging platformerWASD OR ARROW KEYS TO MOVE. SPACE OR UP ARROW TO JUMP
You must defend against a few monsters that attack you. The more you kill, the more they will spawn.Arrow keys to move and left click to shoot. KILL 'EM ALL
A little fanmade game of undertale i created-Update 1-Added bone attack and fixed controls!Arrowkeys to move you play as your soul and try to dodge attacks very simple :D
Turn-Based strategy game that takes you from the past to the future in an epic battle of global domination!!!There is a complete tutorial in the main menu that teaches you how to p [...]
This is my DTE Rock Paper Scissors game that I made this year. You are the player, playing against a computer. All sprites have been made by my self using a secondary programme onl [...]
Найти друга не смотря не на что И выйти в конец игры вот так кая 31власыфвлоатылвориалывиалрывлаивл лчрсмытлмрымстрелкивыффывввввв21уйцвуйцвфыввцйвйцвйцв [...]
Available on Play Store: Eat the smaller cells, avoid the bigger cells. Skills required: Reasoning, Reaction, Pre [...]
Tower Defense Game where you must defend the home of the pumpkins from invading skeletons and spiders. Left Click to select and place towers Left Click on currency to collect money [...]
control an alien and make him go through two levels without dyingcontrol an alien and make him go through two levels without dying