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Kategorie: Multiplayer

2016 was by no means a picnic, and it's not over yet. Of course, there's always alcohol to numb the pain (drink responsibly, guys). "2016" is a simple little game [...]
Destroy the Earth like a Boss is a multiplayer crazy game. In this game you can be a god or a devil. Gods and Devils will fight for destroy the Earth. They will use a space rocket [...]
Monsters should destroy the buildings... with care!Two giants monsters destroying one building while they play some kind of game similar to Jenga.Space bar Press and hold to charge [...]
Chat With Some Unkown People Or Known And Make Freinds! Chater Is Not Tredmarked Or Anything Like That But Please Do Not Use It In Another ProductYou Chat With Guys By Entering You [...]
Space Duel is a game about duel of the space ships. Yeah, that's it. Destroy opponent's energy cores and dominate! Protect your cores, shuffle them, predict opponent's [...]
My first attempt at making a game! The purple car must chase the red car, but only have 60 seconds worth of gas! This game is made for two players.Right-click[\k] Turn Purple Car c [...]


This is a simple game between two players. The goal is to chase and tag each other in 6 different maps. When the 200 seconds timer ends, the tagger loses. Make an advantage of the [...]
Thank you for playing my game!Player 1:Up Arrow = JumpLeft Arrow = LeftRight Arrow = RightPlayer 2:W = JumpA = LeftD = Right
Place chips on the table, and aim to win more chips. No special rules apply.[left click] on the table if player one to place chips[right click] on the table if player two to place [...]
Suh Dude ,this is a bootleg of tron.I only did this for my class.Its only a 2 player gameplayer1:WASDPlayer2:Arrow keyspress spacebar to restart