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Kategorie: Multiplayer

Race the other player to 10 pelletsW= Go UpA= Go LeftS= Go DownD= Go RightCollect Pellets to Score PointsUp Arrow= Go UpLeft Arrow= Go LeftDown Arrow= Go DownRight Arrow= Go Right
[Game Jam da ER-JEDi - November 2016]Tema: Que a força esteja com você!Há muito tempo atrás, existia um reino dividido por dois reis, um dos reis era egocê [...]
Enter the arena and dodge the other coloured squares for a longer time than your opponent, or just as long as possible. The player who loses less lives is the best dodger![arrow ke [...]
this is pong._______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [...]
Hit each stripe pool ball 7 times, each coloured ball scores a different point, the black ball can only be destroyed once all other balls are destroyed and then a game is won. If t [...]
People can't wait to be told what to buy! Make the best out of every commercial so you know they make the best choice.Every commercial is a microgame with unique mechanics.---- [...]
Online Peer to Peer real time multiplayer game with:- Fully functional Platformer style controls and mouse aiming.- Platformer style animation control in multiplayer environment.- [...]
* Ty Phu Chess - The game is similar to original Monopoly game, but it has different rules. ******** Features ********- Multiplayers 1-4 players- Play Offline or Online anytime- Do [...]
A alien looking man jumping on lots of small platforms to complete 3 levels, but be careful as there are bees trying to stop you from completing your level goalsUp arrow = JumpLeft [...]
Shoot and stuff, but watch out for your own bullets!WASD/Arrows - MoveSpace/Right Shift - Shoot